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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a session at the BAM Karaoke Box?
You are about to book your first session at BAM Karaoke Box, and you have doubts?
Follow the guide!

1) Go to our website
Go to the home page of our site: BAM Karaoke Box, select the city of your choice, then click on "Book".

2) Choose the date and place of your session
Sessions are open for booking two months in advance. It is possible to filter by location, if you already know in which BAM you wish to make your reservation, or by maximum capacity.

Nota Bene: there is no minimum! If there are 2 of you, you can definitely book a session in a room of 6 for example.

If you are more than 30 people, or if you would like a quote for your company, please contact our sales team by email:

Follow the video guide: click here.
How do I change my session?
Your initial booking is no longer suitable: your friends are not available, or on the contrary, there are more of them than expected?

If your reservation is made in more than 72 hours, you can make the change yourself, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
NB: All sessions that were booked during the March-April lockdown have been cancelled against a credit note, valid for 12 months.

Follow the guide, step by step!
1) Go to our website: BAM Karaoke Box and connect to your personal space

2) You now see your Dashboard, with your next sessions: check the date and choose the reservation you want to modify.

Click on Modify my booking

You then have the choice between Modify or Delete.

Scenario 1: You click on "Modify": the calendar appears with a choice of new dates, and the possible difference to be paid (if the new room is more expensive), or the amount of the credit note (if the new room is less expensive).

Scenario 2: You click on "Delete": a confirmation message is displayed.

If you have any doubts about how to refund and obtain a credit note, now is the time to check whether your request falls within the scope of our GTC!

You will get an automatic refund if you cancel more than 3 weeks before the session starts, and a credit note if you cancel up to 72 hours before the session starts. If you cancel less than 72 hours before the start of the session, you will not be refunded.

You are sure of yourself: click on ""Cancel your session"", and you will receive an email indicating that your session has been cancelled.

You have made your modification or cancellation and you have not received any confirmation email?
Check your junk mail, and if you still have nothing: contact our customer service (
Celebrate a birthday at BAM Karaoke Box
If you wish to celebrate your birthday or your child's birthday in a BAM Karaoke Box, we offer you several solutions:

- Cake: You have the possibility to order it from our partner pastry chef from your customer area. Log in to your personal space, then click on Order food or drink. Please note that you must order no later than 4 working days before your session.

Then click on the "Cakes" section and select what you want!

We also allow you to bring a cake from outside.
No need to bring plates and cutlery, we provide everything on site.

Drinks and sweets
For children's birthdays, we offer you a 25€ formula which includes 3 one-litre pitchers of soft drinks (Coca-Cola, orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice). You can pre-order it on your own space (Drinks/Children's Formula) or on the spot!

Please note that for children's birthdays we require a minimum of one adult in the room
Can we eat at BAM Karaoke Box?
Our establishments offer food and drinks for sale, so we do not accept drinks from outside.
You have the possibility to order on the spot, during your session, or to pre-order from your customer area.

To take advantage of this, you have several options:

Karaoke, it's fun! Discover our menu and our range of snacks: chips, grilled almonds, sweets, but also our home-made tapas: hummus with its assortment of raw vegetables, a mixed board of cheese and cold cuts, or our tuna rillettes.

How to pre-order?
You will be arriving with your friends, and you want to enjoy your tapas as soon as you arrive?
Just go to your customer area and select
"Order food or drink."

- Special schemes

If you are vegetarian/ vegan: most of our tapas are suitable for you! Hummus, for example, are perfectly suited to your diet.
You eat kosher or hallal: some of our snacks are adapted to your diet, if you need large quantities please contact our Customer Service:


We allow you to bring a cake from outside to celebrate a birthday, with only one candle (otherwise our fire alarm may go off during your session).
You also have the possibility to order a cake from our partner, directly from your customer area.
Which rooms are accessible to me at BAM borne ?
How do I create my playlist for my BAM Karaoke Box session?
You have just made your reservation, congratulations!

Start now to prepare your coming by preparing your playlist, selecting your favourite songs from our catalogue of more than 30,000 titles.

Log in to your Customer Area, then select ""Create my collaborative playlist"".

Take inspiration from the playlists already created, or select all your favourite songs one by one in the integrated search engine.

To add a song to your playlist, click on the + symbol: if it appears in your playlist on the right-hand menu, you've done it, congratulations!

Rename your playlist or create several playlists.
Step 1: Name your playlist
Step 2: Save your playlist to find it again during your session
Step 3 (optional): Create a new playlist

If you want to change your mind at the last moment, rest assured, it is possible to change your playlist and the order of the songs on the spot as well.

All you have to do is warm up your vocal chords and hit the track!

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