Payment Methods

Simplify your karaoke session payments

You can now take advantage of three additional ways to pay for your karaoke session: split the bill with your group, pay in 3 installments or book now and pay later. Whether you're looking for a karaoke room in Paris, Bordeaux or Madrid, all these methods are available at no extra cost.


Payment in 3 installments

Take advantage of our 3-installment payment method to spread your payment over several months. You can split the amount of your session into three equal payments, making it easier to manage your budget. There are no hidden charges - it's simply the amount of your session and nothing else!


Payment within 15 days

With our 15-day payment solution, you can book your session now and pay later. You won't be charged if you pay within 15 days, but your session will be booked and secured!


Shared payment with friends

You've found THE right session for everyone, and now you want to share the cost with your friends? Our shared payment method lets you divide the total amount between several people. Each participant contributes his or her share, making the purchase more affordable.

Whichever method you choose, our simplified payment solutions allow you to make your purchases with complete peace of mind, at no extra cost.

Don't wait any longer, buy with simplified payments today!