Back to the 90's!

You dreamed of it, we did it 🎮

BAM is launching “Back to the 90's” partis, karaoke evenings to enjoy the madness and nostalgia of the 90s!

Celebrate every Tuesday and Sunday of September in all our French establishments: BAM Parmentier, Madeleine, Étoile, Richer, Sentier for Paris & Chartrons for Bordeaux.

What’s included:

🎶 90s playlists to have fun with the decade’s classics

🥤 A food & drinks menu that will remind you of your childhood

🎁 Surprises in your private karaoke room

bam-karaoke-box-Back to the 90's!

How does it work?

👩🏽‍💻 Book your session at one of our BAM Houses via our website for one of our 90s parties. The slots are the same as those of a classic session

🎉 On D-day, go to BAM at the time of your session, your room will be waiting for you

🎶 Go through our various 90's playlists prepared for the occasion (all our other playlists will remain accessible)

😋 A food & drinks menu will be proposed to you for a 100% immersive evening


Let's go ! 


bam-karaoke-box-Back to the 90's!

A delicious 90's cocktail!

You surely remember, Sunny Delight was THE essential drink of the 90's! We could not resist to offer you a unique cocktail with the good taste of Sunny that will refresh your evening ☀️