BAM Karaoke Box moves into the Chouchou hotel.

On September 18th, the Chouchou hotel will be hosting karaoke parties on a regular basis with BAM's karaoke kiosk. The Chouchou hotel is the latest addition to the Elegancia group, a 4-star hotel immersed in a pop universe, punctuated with references to Parisian icons of the 1930s, such as Serge Gainsbourg or Edith Piaf. It is in the heart of this unique place in the 9th arrondissement of Paris that twice a month, wild evenings will take place to the sound of the BAM Karaoke Box.

With BAM's easy-to-use, design kiosks, karaoke fans will be able to sing to their favorite tunes on Chouchou's stage for an electrifying experience with family, friends or colleagues.

It's with great excitement that BAM Karaoke Box is embarking on a new adventure within the walls of the long-awaited Chouchou hotel!

BAM Karaoke Box x L'Hôtel Chouchou Parties
Sept. 18, 25 & Oct. 9, 23 & Nov. 6, 20 & Dec. 4, 18.
Starts at 7pm
11 Rue du Helder, 75009 Paris (in the hotel's bar)
Free entrance, no reservation required

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