100% K-POP parties 💜

To all K-POP fans, these parties are for you 😍

On Tuesdays March 22, April 19, May 17 & June 14, come and sing along to your favorite K-POP tracks at BAM Sentier & Chartrons!

Get ready, here's the program:

🎶 A K-POP playlist of more than 100 titles with 10 exclusive new releases

🍸 Korean cocktails & drinks to warm up your voice

🇰🇷 Korean street-food to gain strength

🎁 Surprises in your private karaoke room

How does it work? 🇰🇷

👩🏽‍💻Book your session at BAM Sentier or BAM Chartrons on our website for 22nd march, 19th april, 17th may or 14th june. The slots are the same as those of a classic session.

💘The day of the event, come at the time of your session, your private room will wait for you with K-Pop decorations

🎶 Discover our "K-Pop Nights" playlist, specially prepared for the occasion, with 10 new songs at each event

🇰🇷 A Food & Drinks menu will be proposed for a 100% K-Pop Party ! 

Just enjoy and sing on your favorites songs ! 🎤