Summer Karaoke Parties 🦩🌴

It's going to be a HOT summer, full of socializing and karaoke!

This summer, we're breaking the rules: from July 25 to the end of August, our 30-person "Oiseaux" room at BAM Madeleine will be open to all, every Tuesday evening, for €17.50/person.

We say "bye-bye" to the private karaoke room for an evening, and "aloha" to impromptu encounters and unexpected duets.



bam-karaoke-box-Summer Karaoke Parties 🦩🌴

"Under the sunlights" at BAM Madeleine 🌴

Flamingo-rose buoys and chilled cocktails: are you ready for the best pool party of the summer? ☀️🦩

On the program (included in the ticket price):

🎤 Karaoke all evening at BAM Madeleine from 7pm to 11pm

☀️ A "Summer" playlist to inspire you

👀 Impromptu encounters and unexpected duets


Reserve your place now, tickets are limited!


bam-karaoke-box-Summer Karaoke Parties 🦩🌴

Let's meet & drink!💕🍹

We know that karaoke is a bonding experience. And that's exactly what we want you to experience this summer.

And because all this makes you so thirsty, you'll be able to discover our brand-new, exclusive cocktail menu for this summer.

Our Summer Karaoke Parties are all about singing "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" with complete strangers (who are just as much fans as you are) and enjoying an evening of karaoke at reduced prices.

So grab your place and join us for a toast to the summer of karaoke.