A new, more sophisticated version of karaoke.

The concept originated in Asia, where karaoke boxes give guests the chance to sing in privacy. At BAM, we offer our own take on the experience, with real private lounges and a range of refined designs.

Our goal?
To let you sing in complete freedom! With high-quality equipment, personalised cocktails and an incredible snack menu, we have transformed karaoke into a beautiful shared experience. No matter the size of your tribe, whether you are with your family, friends or colleagues, you're always welcome.


Karaoke private rooms

Let us know how many of you there are, and we'll tell you which lounge is right for you! Whether you are by yourself or with a group of 30, we can set you up with a private room to suit your needs. If there are 200 of you, you can even book the whole place!

Eclectic and carefully designed decors: you just have to choose your favorite atmosphere. Come and discover our BAM Parmentier or our BAM Chartrons to immerse yourself in a tropical universe. A round trip in a futuristic atmosphere, direction BAM Sentier! A Parisian apartment atmosphere at BAM Madeleine, chic and eccentric boudoir at BAM Étoile or even Art Deco at BAM Richer.


Our catalogue, your playlists

Did you know that our catalogue includes 25,000 songs? An evening of karaoke is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
What's more, the playlist is collaborative! Invite your friends, family, guests and colleagues to join in. Everyone can add their own songs. Ready, set... Sing! To help you prepare for your evening of freedom, you can create a customer account on our website. It lets you create your own playlist, so all your favourite songs will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Our Signature Cocktails

What do you drink during a BAM karaoke? Anything you want! Our food & drinks menu is full of Signature Cocktails and other essentials that will delight your taste buds. A selection of tapas and small dishes to share is also available for small and big appetites!


Our finger food menu

Because it makes you hungry to sing all night long, we have created a food snacking menu for you to share. On the menu? A charcuterie or cheese board to delight the greediest. For veggies, find our homemade hummus. Say yes to our tuna rillettes flavored with pink peppercorns! Whatever your desires, we have something for you!


High-end equipment

We have chosen the best technology on the market, because a karaoke party is not a karaoke party without music or lyrics! Our speakers are created by Bose and microphones by Shure. What's more, each room allows you to set your own mood. Thanks to the control panel, you can choose the intensity and colour of the lighting to create a bright or cosy ambiance! You can also change the volume to suit your needs. Our lounges are equipped with tablets that let you order food and drink without leaving the party. Just click what you want and we'll bring it to you!


Let's create memories

Don't leave your memories in our karaoke room and take them home thanks to the indoor video! To keep track of your moments of freedom, you'll find the photos & videos of your performances the next day in your customer area. You will be filmed via a webcam above the screen on which the song lyrics will scroll. In our largest venues, also take advantage of a photobooth to immortalize this evening!

Pay as a group

To help you organise group karaoke sessions, BAM lets you split the payment with your friends! This feature is available for bookings over 300 euros when you book at least 7 days in advance. How does it work? A "pay as a group" button will appear during your booking, and you will then be redirected to Sharegroop, where you can enter the email addresses of your fellow karaoke singers. The total will be automatically divided and you will have 6 days to pay. The terms and conditions are the same!Fast, practical and easy. Your karaoke room awaits!