Our Promise

Since the very beginning, our team (initially just a few people… over 100 today!) has been working diligently on growing BAM Karaoke Box. Initially the concept was to allow people to let loose and have fun in unique spaces that completely transformed the perception of karaoke. Today, the concept is still the same, but even more widely accessible now that BAM offers “karaoke to go” with its Karaoke Mic by BAM Karaoke To Go and an online karaoke service, BAM Karaoke Online.

The BAM values have always remained the same and we continue to live by them on a daily basis: team-spirit, excellence, innovation and having a good time.

Within our team, we also work on being the best version of ourselves, reliable, humble, flexible and thinking every day about our impact on others.

Bringing changes to the world.

It is important as a company that we live by our values and hold ourselves accountable. For this reason, we are working diligently to upholding ourselves to 3 commitments:

bam-karaoke-box-Our Promise

1. Diversity & inclusion: Taking a stand against discrimination

At BAM, we believe that having a diverse work culture is crucial to creating a sense of belonging in the company.There is also much to learn from being in a diverse workforce: We can only learn from our differences.

  • We base ourselves solely on people’s skills & experience whether it is to recruit, promote or train someone.
  • Create a non-discriminatory environment for all.
  • Ensure that our internal communication is clear, so that employees feel comfortable to raise any issues that are contradictory to our values.
  • Raise awareness on discrimination at work and in general.
bam-karaoke-box-Our Promise

2. Ecology: Reducing our carbon footprint

A caring company is a company that is aware and acts responsibly in the face of climate change. Reducing our own impact is the least that we can do in the fight against the effects of climate change. Therefore, we are committing to reducing our carbon footprint by 30% by the end of 2023.

  • Carry out a full carbon assessment by a certified company and define our roadmap for the years to come.
  • Adapt our food & drinks menu to a more reasonable offer.
  • Adopt new business practices: Direct links of clients’ consumption to our operations (energy, materials, transportation, sourcing, product seasonality, etc.), work methods, construction of our venues, etc.
bam-karaoke-box-Our Promise

3. Promoting Music

Music is at the heart of our job and the reason our company continues to exist today.

 We are aware of the difficulties and challenges of the music industry, which is why we want to support emerging artists and promote music culture as much as possible.  

  • Give visibility to emerging artists through our community and concept.
  • Support emerging artists from the process of creating to completing their art.
  • Spread music culture to make it accessible to all.


Humility is at the heart of these commitments. We are working slowly yet diligently and it’s a true work-in-progress. We are open to your suggestions, questions and support via email: