Private karaoke rooms & Cocktail Bar



Inspired by the karaoke boxes of Asia, BAM Karaoke Box is breathing new life into the world of urban entertainment with a fresh and innovative concept.

Our mission? To have fun and let loose in a personalised space. Our unique locations let you share an unforgettable experience with your friends. You can enjoy a gourmet snack menu, sample our signature cocktails and create priceless memories in our private karaoke rooms away from prying eyes.

With your friends

Can you really know your friends before you've heard them sing?


With your family

No, karaoke is not just for your children! Singing, laughing, having fun: what could be more intergenerational?


Bachelorettes / Hens

Let your soon-to-be-married friends enjoy a special evening with their nearest and dearest.


With your colleagues

Do you want to create some fun memories with your employees outside of a meeting room?


Private karaoke rooms

Enjoy a completely private experience with up to 30 people

Signature cocktails

Savour a selection of unforgettable expert creations

A unique ambiance for every space

Extraordinary locations designed by renowned architects