Safety Procedures

Your safety is our priority. We have put into place safety procedures in order for you to enjoy your session.

Karaoke Rooms

Maximum Room Capacity: Capacity of our larger rooms limited to 10 persons maximum. The capacity of our 6, 8 and 10-person rooms does not change.

In-Room Ordering: All orders of drinks and snacks to be placed from the touchscreen in the karaoke room.

Hand sanitizers available in each of the rooms.

Microphone covers are at your disposal and are to be placed over the mics before the start of your session. 



Entrance & Common Areas

Dedicated waiting area for your group before your karaoke session starts.

Hand Sanitizing Requirement: Hand sanitizers are available at the entrance and in each karaoke room.

Floor markers to respect physical distancing.

Payment: All karaoke bookings are reserved through our website. For drinks and snacks, we strongly recommend paying by credit card with preferably one payment per group.