This is a night not to be missed to celebrate the BEST DECADE EVER :alléluia::couleur-de-peau-3:
See you on Tuesday, May 9th at our BAM Karaoke Box Parmentier venue to experience this exceptional evening full of surprises!

bam-karaoke-box-2000s KARAOKE PARTY

What's on the agenda? 🔥

Included in the ticket price:

🤩 All evening access to one of our private karaoke rooms

🎶 Many playlists with your favorite top 2000s hits

🎁 Goodies claw machine (win BAM golden tickets, iconic 2000's items, candy)

💄 Make-up artist to look like our 2000s queen Britney Spears in Toxic

📸 A photobooth to forever remember this evening (digital or printed photos/gif)

🎯 Iconic 2000s board games

bam-karaoke-box-2000s KARAOKE PARTY

How can I come? 💙

For the occasion, we have created a special ticketing system to allow you to come and sing all night long!

1 single ticket at 17€/person to have an unlimited access to 4 of our karaoke rooms, from 6pm until 1am, and to all our animations!

You can also book one of our private karaoke room at BAM Parmentier on May 9th to enjoy all 2000 activities.


bam-karaoke-box-2000s KARAOKE PARTY

2000's outfit !

Rhinestones, sequins, low waist jeans and bandanas, it's THE night to get the total look of the 2000s!