This is a night not to be missed to celebrate the BEST DECADE EVER :alléluia::couleur-de-peau-3:
See you on Tuesday, May 9th at our BAM Karaoke Box Parmentier venue to experience this exceptional evening full of surprises!

bam-karaoke-box-2000s KARAOKE PARTY

What's on the agenda? 🔥

Included in the ticket price:

🤩 All evening access to one of our private karaoke rooms

🎶 Many playlists with your favorite top 2000s hits

🎁 Goodies claw machine (win BAM golden tickets, iconic 2000's items, candy)

💄 Make-up artist to look like our 2000s queen Britney Spears in Toxic

📸 A photobooth to forever remember this evening (digital or printed photos/gif)

🎯 Iconic 2000s board games

bam-karaoke-box-2000s KARAOKE PARTY

How can I come? 💙

For the occasion, we have created a special ticketing system to allow you to come and sing all night long!

1 single ticket at 17€/person (payment on the ticketing system or in BAM the night of the event) to have an unlimited access to 4 of our karaoke rooms, from 6pm until 1am, and to all our animations!

Click here to sign up and purchase your ticket (hurry - limited tickets available!)


bam-karaoke-box-2000s KARAOKE PARTY

2000's outfit !

Rhinestones, sequins, low waist jeans and bandanas, it's THE night to get the total look of the 2000s!