The Ideal Bachelorette Party

Are you a bridesmaid and in charge of organizing your friend's bachelorette or hen party? BAM Karaoke Box is not only the perfect place to celebrate, but will also work with you in organizing your event to make it a memorable day.


An all-in-one event

Book your BAM Karaoke Box session and be sure to have a great time.

  • Private rooms to have fun in total privacy
  • A private bar in our large boxes
  • A fun activity
  • Slots open all day long to give you more flexibility
  • Design cocktail bars where you can spend more time together sipping on cocktails.

A customised Bachelorette party

We have thought of everything for a unique HEN.

  • A collaborative playlist where each guest will be able to add the songs of his/her choice.
  • Video and photos in the room to record the memories of that day.
  • The photobooth to create animated gifs to share on your social networks (don't forget the #BAMchelorette)
  • The eshop to pre-order your drinks and tapas so that everything is ready for the day and to control your initial budget.

A special kit for Bachelorette / Hen Party

BAM Karaoke Box offers you a special costume kit!

In this kit, you will find :

  • A big balloon ring
  • A photobooth kit (10 items)
  • A "Bride" headband for the bride-to-be.
  • Two sets of eight "Team Bride" tattoos.

The kit is available at 25€ when you book a session or in our e-shop on the customer account when you already have a booked session !


The BAMchelorette Checklist

BAM Karaoke Box has put together a BAMchelorette Checklist to help you with the organization of your friend's Bachelorette party! Download and print this checklist to avoid leaving anything out.

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